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I use psql and/or interact somehow with a postgres database about once every six months, so because of how my brain (fails to) store information it's a brand new and exciting experience every time. This time also involved a docker-compose network, for added spice.

🏷 ods docker postgres work hacking

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Isolation Kitchen begins in earnest! I bought a loaf tin along with masses of baking supplies I haven't really bought since I started travelling, so I could fully commit.

Featured here:

  • Ad-hoc buddha bowl
  • Turmeric spicy breakfast rice
  • Khinkali (Georgian dumplings, filled with mushroom or potato)
  • Chocolate coconut cake (sugar free) for the Co-op's 5th birthday
  • The last of my vegan cheese on another lentil lasgane
  • Lemon and poppyseed drizzle cake (sugar-filled)
  • Bean-burgers, made from mashed white beans, carrot, carrottops, and red onion; coated with dry mix of semolina, paprika, turmeric and salt before frying.

Food is so good.

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Isolation in Sarande: photos of the sunset from my balcony, the floofy doggo on the balcony in the next building, and the little bit of beach in front of my building. Some gratuitous spinach byrek by the sea when I went into town for essential things like a SIM card.

Some pressure to 'take advantage' of the non-curfew hours to go out and take a walk, but I don't need to and wouldn't on a normal day, so why now when going outside should be restricted to essential trips? Stop projecting restlessness onto me, I can sit still in my chair all week no problem.

🏷 covid19 coronavirus life

if anyone wants to airdrop a crate of baked beans to Sarande that would be super cool. Supermarket own brand acceptable. Heinz, whatever, I'm pretty desperate. Branston, however, unacceptable.

🏷 vegan food life