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Welcome to Athens

As soon as I got off the ferry I was hit with chaos. Thousands of people, in the port, in the streets, spilling out of coffeeshops, flowing through the metro station. I queued up for a ticket and people are bustling, pacing, impatient. I bought a 2-trip ticket because I couldn't see 1-trip right away and the press of the line behind me was too much to linger. I took the metro and the rattle of every day life was like a slap in the face. Back to reality.

I walked out of the metro along a road and the stench filled my head. The traffic roared, the city was screaming at me.

I hate cities.

I was after 10pm, I had no food in. I walked 15 minutes to a vegan cafe, ate spanakopita and hot chocolate, late night on a Sunday. I was welcomed by smiling, warm staff.

I walked past bars, alive, filled with happy people and art and hipster decoration. The streets were lit, I felt safe. I was too tired to get groceries, but I could've.

I love cities.

Already I feel like the last two months of island life were just a dream. I miss the sea.

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Packed, cleaned, and vacated my fancy flat in Lazareta. I caught the ferry from Ermoupoli port, and it was about 4 hours to Athens Pireaus. After checking into my new place in Koukaki, I went out again for some late night spanakopita and a great hot chocolate at Veganaki.

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I squeezed in a final hike with the Syros Hiking Group. We went to Ano Meria, the north of Syros, and hiked from Kampos to the western coast. We visited Marmari beach and Amerikanou beach. The latter is the only beach on the island with trees, planted by an American visitor in the 70s. He also built a couple of houses up there; it's pretty remote.

We ate lunch in Black Sheep, by the Ermoupoli port. Vegan souvlaki! Mushrooms and grilled vegetables on skewers, and fresh homemade fries. Pretty solid end to my month on Syros.

how many greek people does it take to restart a router

In this particular story: 4. One to lock us out of the house with the router in, one with a key to the house but no English, or transport to get to the house, one to call and speak Greek the one with the key for me, and another to drive the one with the key to the house.

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It was a hot sunny day and the wifi went out, so I went for a wander around a bit of Ermoupoli I hadn't been to before, around the coast to the north. Also stopped off at the Archaeological Museum, which was very tiny and took under 10 minutes to read everything, but only costs €1 and there was nobody else there.