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This morning my brother found me buzzing around at 7am in the kitchen, nodded knowingly, and said "ah it's your superfan day. That's why you're up early getting all your jars out."

And indeed! The grand opening of the Kirkcaldy branch of Grain and Sustain has arrived!

I got there just after 9 to find it delightfully buzzing, jammed my backpack full of jars of supplies, and had lovely chats with a few local business owners who I bumped into who I also see regularly. Plus the sun was out. I am feeling the love for Fife!

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The chocolate cake is my interpretation of Sachertorte because I knew we had some apricot jam lying around in the community kitchen from last week.

And then I get to tell everyone about the time I single-handedly made sachertorte for about 170 people in the mountains outside Vienna a few years ago.

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Replacing the smelly carpet with laminate in Dave's room the guest room has escalated into installing insulation under the floor in half the flat. Which is definitely good in the long run by BY GOLLY do I want this disruption to be over.

Replacing the smelly carpet with laminate in my room will, I anticipate, escalate into creating a secret compartment under the floor with a trap door because I think I have 4-5 feet of space down there.. (plus installing under floor insulation in the other half of the flat).

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An absolute chanterelle emergency in the woods by Loch Ness. I picked a bagful but we were supposed to be hiking.. I've never seen anything like it, there were so many. Also found hedgehog fungus, a few boletes (but most were one to two weeks too old), shaggy inkcaps, my first woolly milkcaps, a handful of puffballs, and a few to be IDed.

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Foraging on my doorstep last week. Puffballs in Ravenscraig Park. A new flush of dryads saddle on the first tree I saw fruit in June! Don't they know their season finished a month ago?? A relative of the hedgehog fungus. Agricus, the ones that didn't have sneaky little beak marks in. Several unknowns.

Also pictured: Max helps with mushroom ID.

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A chanterelle emergency in woods not far from home (location classified). Filled up bags and boxes we had and had to leave a whole patch for lack of space and light. Also picked up a few to ID, and a good amount of hedgehog fungus. And what is probably an agricus, but it was growing under a tree, so further investigation required.