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TFW a service you sign up for asks you for 'title' and you put 'Dr' and then it goes ahead and addresses you on every screen as 'Miss' anyway. Why bother even asking? Did it even store that first form?

And then you have to phone them to get it changed. I mean.

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'Nut luncheon' is made entirely of peanuts, how bad could it possibly be? Sure it comes in the form of can-shaped pale mush. It surely can't taste as unappetising as it looks? The instructions say grill or fry. I fried it with coriander, cayenne pepper, black pepper and salt. The smell of it frying haunted me all day after. It got a pleasant crispy texture on the outside but the taste still left an awful lot to be desired.

The next time I cubed it and tried thyme, soysauce and Vegeta (MSG), and fried them with mushrooms. That was a bit better, but the bar wasn't high. I was impressed that even Vegeta didn't help.

Maybe it needs marinating in something..?

The good thing about being unfit is that when I do manage to get out for a run 15 mins / 1 mile is enough for the same physical release and seratonin hit that I needed to run 45 mins / 5 miles for when I was in practice. Way more time efficient.

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