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New things sprouted (chicory, land cress and radishes in the crate) and other things are growing! Tomatoes are maybe looking bushier, and kale and broccoli and chard certainly are. Bok choy looks spindly but doing its best. Some basil and a couple of parsley are going to make it. Planted out a new cucumber (who had a head start in the polytunnel) to replace the one that died. Very proud of my runt radish, who is now the best of the bunch.

The alien orchid has sprung two beautiful purple flowers!

The mushroom pins that popped up at the start of the week aborted. Chopped up the substrate of the healthiest (most populous) looking bag and layered into new substrate for a second round of incubation. Put the other bag in a compost bin. So let's see if they go anywhere.

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Cooking for four, stretching me to my limits, but a vegan fryup for three with limited stove space is the kind of logistical challenge I love to solve.

Also made a fancy pasta with spelt shells, sweet potato coconut sauce, roasted nuts and green veg. Multiple crumbles, and rhubarb jelly.

At the Community Kitchen: many flatbreads, plus vegan cheddar (that had not set when I left; not sure how it turned out).

rhiaro 2020: I have exactly one 35L backpack of stuff, am attached to none of it, and the idea of more is horrifying.

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rhiaro 2021: would you like to come and look at my collection of oil paintings in the flat that I am renovating?

(I don't actually have a collection of oil paintings.. yet.. I'm thinking about buying a couple though.)

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Ginger cake that's "just like mcvities". I followed a recipe to achieve this, which involved a lot of sugar (caster, golden syrup, molasses). But it went down well with the family.

A full size quiche for the first time using chickpea flour batter. It was quite soft inside, but tasted great, and my pastry was fab (as usual).

Also featured: a rhubarb and blueberry cake with coconut cream and rhubarb banana jam in the middle; a standard shepherd's pie, the dish I make when I need to feed a crowd but have no energy left.

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Stacked a beach crate on beach bricks and filled it with compost to expand my garden even further. Planted radishes, chicory and land cress in it. A second hungarian hot pepper sprouted in the loo roll seed trays on my windowsill! But it looks a bit unwell.