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Not every sourdough story is a success story. I used a different recipe, with more starter, to try to get a more sour loaf. Several things went wrong:

  • I fed my starter for two nights and it should have been ready, but it wasn't. I proceeded anyway, knowingly, but impatient.
  • I subbed in a bunch of dark rye flour because I had it left, but didn't amend anything else. Rookie error.
  • The dough was clearly too wet throughout. I couldn't handle it. Sticky and annoying.
  • Didn't line the tins. I was baking late, and tired! Fool.
  • Overcooked them slightly. This and the last point meant.. it took me half an hour to chip them out of the tins (which I did the next morning).
  • Didn't steam the oven, so the crust is soft not crunchy.

Despite all that, they looked pretty (before I dismantled them to get them out of the tins) and taste okay and have big bubbles, but in between the bubbles is dense and gooey. Still okay with soup or stew. Better luck next time.

I also made sugar-free banana peanut cakes, put compote and coconut yoghurt or coconut cream on lots of things, ate shittons of homegrown broccoli and salad leaves, made shepherd's pie.

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A couple of days of strong winds and lashing rain. Big waves completely rearranged the beach, almost burying the rock I sit on in the morning. Nothing to teach you anicca like the sea.

A day in Glenrothes, mostly raining, but the sun blissfully came out in time for me to eat my lunch in a stone circle in the middle of a housing estate. Glenrothes is surprisingly pleasantly walkable.

The photo of me is making chapati in the Greener Kirkcaldy Lang Spoon community kitchen.

Week in review: 26th April - 2nd May

  • Joined the AC meeting.
  • Little bit of DID spec stuff.
  • Planted out broccoli and rhubarb.
  • Spending longer and longer on the beach in the mornings.. And an evening under the supermoon.
  • Co-op quarterly meeting, aka NoGM.
  • Multiple failed attempts to rehome my old sofas. Desperate not to send them to landfill.
  • Got to see JB in 3 dimensions! We hung out in K's garden.
  • Made wholewheat bread. Went surprisingly well. And a cashew not-cheesecake.

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I made wholewheat bread using lovingitvegan's deeply suspicious recipe. 100% wholewheat? 20 minute rise? Surely not. That'll be like cake bread. I subbed in 1/3 strong white flour and let it rise for an hour (but that was because of a meeting). It overflowed and stuck to the tea towel. I managed to salvage the top, and the texture and taste were great! Perfect crumb for sandwiches. I also added flaxseed for cronch.

I made a raw cashew cheesecake, which was a bit too sweet for my taste (too much agave) but other people enjoyed it. Swirled through with homemade berry compote, and the crust is my patented whatever-nuts-i-have-lying-around with dates and flaxseed; added some coconut flour to this one.

Also a great many jam tarts, and lentil moussaka.