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TFW you have a village name that is four words long and it's definitely not because it's nanowrimo I swear..

(it's canonically a literal translation of the location of the village relative to the nearest big settlement.)

(it's because of nanowrimo though)

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My new place has a smart TV with Netflix, but I think it must also be connected to the NaNoWriMo API or something..... it won't connect, even when the TV's network connection is fine, netflix isn't blocked on other devices on the same network, YouTube and Amazon Video connect fine... Netflix won't even let me log in, just says there is a problem. So obviously it knows my wordcount is under.

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Week in review: 4 - 10 Nov

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Moved down the coast from Varna to Obzor, and settled into a cosy apartment with an excellent chair, 2 minutes from the sea. From my balcony I can hear the sea, and not traffic, but sometimes construction. But not hearing traffic is important and nice. Obzor is a resort town with nobody in it at this time of year. Only a couple of very small grocery stores are open, but I'll survive. The bus links both north and south down the coast are pretty good if I need to go emergency vegan cheese shopping in Varna or Burgas.

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A day out in Varna. I walked into town through the Sea Garden, and went to the Archaelogical Museum. It's big, and covers the area from prehistoric times to the arrival of the Ottomans, then stops abruptly. Varna has a cool history as Odessos though, home to Thracians, Greeks and Byzantines(?) before the arrival of the 'barbarian' Slavs and Avars.

Burger at Vege Joy. Then a swung by the Roman thermal bath ruins, which was also bigger than expected, and full of cats.

I took the bus back to Chaika so I could walk to the beach at Sveti Nikola in time for a beautiful sunset.

Fantasy world building is so hard how do people remember all the stuff they made up?? I'm trying to take notes every time I pull a new country/food/animal/side character out of the air so I can reuse things and be consistent but wow it takes a lot of work.

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