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I seem to mosty have taken pictures of the more junky things I made this month. I ate veg-packed things too, I swear. Here are:

  • Chickpea and sweet potato curry (by Dave)
  • Pizza (half vegan, half not)
  • BBL burgers in homemade biscuit(USA)-style buns with homemade chips
  • Fruit cake, using mincemeat Mum sent, with lemon icing and pistachios
  • Mac n not-cheese (with tomatoes, carrot, mushrooms, chilli, garlic, not-sausage)

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We walked to Kinghorn Loch, out along the coastal path and then back inland through fields. On the way we met a little friendly robin. It was much icier on the way back than anticipated, so took longer. The loch is lovely, very well kept surroundings and nice places to sit.