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Started taking my coffee down to the beach first thing in the morning regularly.

Walked to town and back in record time (30 mins) yesterday to grab something before shops closed. Enjoyed the imminent sunset from Ravenscraig; the air was so fresh, and distant Arthur's Seat in shades of pink and blue stole the show.

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I made shelves for shoes! I came really close to buying some a couple of weeks ago - from etsy, made of reclaimed crates - then realised how slack I was getting on the reuse front. I scavenged wood from three places:

  • Some shelves I didn't need from the built-in cupboard in the bathroom;
  • the bins across the courtyard;
  • Grain & Sustain, who had some offcuts going spare.

And borrowed tools from a neighbour. I bought screws (and reused a few that I extracted from the G&S wood).

For want of a workshop, I did sawing on the beach and in my bedroom. I measured and planned; Dave helped me with drilling and solving some logistical issues.

It's pretty janky, but it functions, and it's MINE.

I don't think making shelves is my true calling though.

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Got up early for a walk around Ravenscraig with K. Went out again in the afternoon to check out cool fossils and throw the ball for Max. Climbed to the top of a very tall rock.

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I normally bake the lemon pie for 15 mins (and use a baked crust) but my oven was out so I improv'd an unbaked version. It worked well. The raw nut crust (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, flaxseed, dates) is better than the shortbread one in my opinion. And the filling (coconut milk, soy milk, lemon zest and juice, cornflour, turmeric) didn't need anything other than time in the fridge to set.

Week in review: 22nd - 28th Feb

  • Actually properly reviewed some TAG Design Review issues.
  • Editorial review of DID Core goes on.
  • Tinkered with docker and github actions for the Standards Lab project.
  • Started making a bath mat out of strips of fabric from old pillowcases.
  • Last week was spring and this week apparently summer!! I feel like I'm on holiday.
  • Borrowed some tools from a neighbour and made a new friend in the process.
  • Walked to Burntisland.
  • Made a lot of curries.
  • Finished Navigators of Dune fucking finally. Started Frank Herbert's Eye.

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